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Understanding the Amount of Sleep Dogs Need, Creating a Comfortable Sleeping Area, Importance of a Sleep Schedule, and Unveiling the 'Dog's Sanctuary Act

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About Happy Dog Journal

Happy Dog Journal – is an educational platform for dog owners. We are currently in the development stage, but you can already find reliable information on a wide range of topics, as well as trusted experts you can rely on.

And soon, we will have courses and guides available here that will help you better understand your dog and teach them anything you desire!

Our approach


At the core of modern canine science is research in the field of brain studies. We are discovering that our similarities with dogs go much deeper than we previously believed!


Only humane methods of training and interaction are used. Absolutely no violence, including psychological, is tolerated!


To live in harmony with a dog, it's not necessary to have extensive knowledge. Trust and understanding are what truly matter.

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