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Are you a dog behaviorist working in a humane approach?

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Happy Dog Journal – is a project created to bring together and promote dog professionals as part of a global educational platform for owners.

The mission of the project: to help owners find verified information and an expert you can trust; and to give professionals a platform to promote and work with clients and professional development.

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Why do you need it?

We know how hard it is to find clients and promote yourself as a specialist. We take on this challenge, and you do what you like to do: write articles on professional topics, create educational products, and advise clients.

HappyDog Journal is an opportunity for you to become part of the professional community and earn in the growing market of pet-tech* with paid author’s content: courses, guides, webinars, consultations, etc.

*The analysts estimate that from 2023 to 2028 all pet-tech markets are projected to grow by 28% annually!

What you get when you join us:

1. A page about you with a appointment calendar

A beautiful page describing your approach, experience, education, services and prices. It also features a calendar for making appointments for consultations. Behind the scenes is a handy personal account where you can edit your information.

2. Conducting consultations directly on the platform

And you don’t have to pay for Zoom and Y-Clients! You’ll always have all the information about your appointments and clients at your fingertips.

3. Promotion of your expert articles

You already write posts on social media, don’t you? Write here, too, where your content will sell you as an expert. The more articles you write, the more potential clients will see you. To join our community, we’ll ask you to write 2-3 posts on a topic from our list.

4. Additional sales channel for your products

Do you already have courses, guides, or recorded webinars? Great! You also don’t have to pay for third-party services! You can post and moderate them for free, and you’ll only pay a percentage on sales. 

5. Teamwork on new courses

Not ready to create your own courses by yourself yet? Then we’ll make them together! We have a big list of mini-courses in the plan, and everyone who takes part in creating them will earn a percentage of sales.

6. Entering the international market

We promote our site in two languages – Russian and English. If you feel empowered, you can create bilingual products and earn dollars!

7. Participation in events for specialists

We have interesting events planned for all the specialists in our team – webinars with great speakers, supervisions, analysis of complicated cases, etc. Join our community of mutual support specialists!

And it's all free!*

From you only - % of sales of your products through our website

*While the project is being launched, in the future placement will be by subscription

What we do

Technology portal

We’re very invested in making our site modern, fast, cool, and user-friendly – for owners and professionals alike.


Our team includes experienced marketers and seo-specialists who can bring any site to the top of search engines. Thousands will know about you!


Now in the works, for example, a separate app for puppy owners, which will also sell your products, or an affiliate program.

Our goal is to Google you, your articles and courses above outdated information from dominators!
Why don’t you join us?

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The more complete and interesting you are about yourself, the more attractive your profile will be to potential customers

Write 2-3 posts a month

Thanks to your expert articles, potential clients will see your activity and competence. The more articles you write, the higher you will be shown in the list of specialists.

Create courses and guides

On your own or in our team and earn from them

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My name is Olga Kornilova, I work with specialists. Thank you for reading to the end! If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them. Write to me!